What are the shipping costs?

Ground shipping is free in the the continental United State; Overnight, 2nd day and overseas shipping are also available at an additional cost, prices will be shown at checkout.

Is there any charge for packaging?

No. There is never any charge for packaging.

Are the shutters I order returnable?

No. All shutters are custom made to your order specifications and are not returnable.

Do you take responsibility for my measurements or selections?

No. The measurements and selections you chose are your responsibility. Even if you get advice from us regarding your purchase, you are completely responsible for the measurements and selections you input. Our responsibility is to create exactly what you have specified to our highest quality standards. If you have any doubts on any measurements or selections please contact us before ordering.

Can I order and install these shutters myself?

Yes (see above!). If you can use a tape measure, a drill, follow our online instructions, you can certainly order and install our shutters.

How do I deal with shipping damage?

Shipping damage is extremely rare, but if you should receive a shutter damaged, contact us immediately for expedited replacement parts shipment.

Do you manufacture water resistant shutters?

Yes, a water resistant option is available, currently in white polyethylene only. This option is suitable for bath, kitchen, garage, and some protected exterior environments, but is not waterproof. Call with questionable locations prior to purchase.

Do you have dealers in my area?

We may have dealers in your area. We are adding dealers every day. If you email us a request, we will find a dealer in your area for you.

How soon can I expect my shutters?

Generally within 2 weeks, but you will be informed as to the actual delivery schedule at the time of purchase.

Will I get notification of shipment?

Yes, at time of shipment you will get an email notification of shipment with a tracking number for each shutter ordered.

Will my shutters come assembled?

No. Your shutters will come disassembled for shipping and require assembly prior to installation.

Can I see assembly instructions for my shutters?

Yes. At time of shipment you will be sent an email with a link to view your actual shutter being assembled. This serves as both an instructional assembly video and verification of what was manufactured for you.

Can I get a sample of the finish options available for my shutters?

Yes. You may choose up to 4 finish samples to be sent to you. These will be actual samples of the product used to make your shutters.

 Can I get a sample size of the shutter I want to order?

Yes. You may specify the shape and finish you need with any options available (automation, styled louver ends, etc.) in our standard sample size. You will be charged 50% of the the normal price for this sample.

Are the shutters U.V. protected?

Yes. All pre-finished shutters are 100% U.V. protected. Raw wood veneer (suitable for custom staining) and paintable finishes (intended for custom paint topcoat) have no U.V. protection.

Can I get my shutters in custom finishes?

Possibly. Normally it would take a large project for us to do a custom finish, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. We may surprise you!

Can I mix finishes on my shutters?

ABSOLUTELY! In the on-line building process you can specify a different finish for frame, jambs and louvers.

Are your shutters made in the USA?

ABSOLUTELY! We take pride in manufacturing all our shutters in our plant in Fort Myers, Florida!

Can these shutters be removed easily for window cleaning?

Yes. Most of our large shutters fold in half or otherwise hinge open, allowing for very easy window cleaning. Shutters that are installed in a jamb but not otherwise hinged may be easily removed for cleaning.

Can I get replacement louvers?

Yes, If you have your order information or item number (found on the back of the frame) you may order replacement louvers.