About Us

Our present company was born out of necessity and desperation.

It was 1991 and we were just getting started. We had won a contract to supply a very precise and technologically demanding millwork product (produced by others) for a very large job.  Midway in the project, our supplier closed, leaving us in potentially contractual default with our client for failure to produce. Unable to obtain the product elsewhere and facing certain bankruptcy should we fail, we reasoned that we must manufacture it ourselves (after all, how difficult could it be?).

Armed with little other than Yankee Chutzpah, 20 hour days and youthful ignorance, we set out to build our first CNC (computer numeric controlled) machining center and parametric machine code generator. This was not as much fun as it sounds!  At the time, the cumulative knowledge of woodworking robotics was rudimentary at best: There were only a very few woodworking cnc's, DOS was the defacto machine operating system and Windows, wireless communication, rule based programming and the internet had yet to come to our world. After numerous failures (and a few successes), we were able to fulfill our contracts and then concentrate on exploring the possibilities of this amazing new technology.

The next 25 years have well defined our goal to combine style, design, technology and art to astound our audience. We intend to use the next 25 years to continue to push the envelope and offer bold, inspired, unique and uncompromising products that will continue to astound and make you smile.

We truly appreciate your involvement with us and thank you for your patronage. You make us better every day. Without you there would be no My Window Dressings. We hope you will help us further by sharing your experiences of our products and services with us.