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Welcome to My Window Dressings!

     Since 1991, our goal has been to provide exceptional home millwork that expands the envelope of design and engineering to astound exceed your expectations every day.

     All of our plantation shutters are manufactured to exacting tolerances and standards. All of our custom plantation shutters are engineered to be easy and fun to assemble, with no tools required (to be perfectly fair, a screwdriver may be required to install in your window).

     Unlike every other shutter available, all our plantation shutter shapes carry interconnected louvers (Yes, you read that correctly- ALL OUR SHAPES). No longer will you have to put up with louvers that flop to one side or another when a fan is turned on, a door is shut too forcefully or you clean you shutters. Our patented push/pull system of louver linking ensures that your plantation shutter louvers, regardless of shape or configuration, will remain as synchronized as the Radio City Rockettes! Both hidden from view and evident in function, our louver linking mechanism allows for easy light and view adjustment while maintaining perfect symmetry in the louver angles.

    When you purchase your custom plantation shutters, you will get a delivery date you can count on. Just prior to shipment, you will get a package tracking number and link to an instructional video emailed to you demonstrating the assembly, operation, size and finish of your specific custom plantation shutters. We feel confident that you will enjoy assembling and installing your plantation shutters but if you feel you need further assistance, we are as close as your phone or email. As you should expect, all our plantation shutters have a limited lifetime quality warranty.

    Our arched and angled plantation shutters are engineered to be the easiest possible to clean. The louvers may be folded flat and after cleaning returned to your preferred angle with a simple twist of one louver. No longer will you have to contract with your shutter company to remove and reinstall your shutters when your windows need cleaning. Your arched shutters are both foldable and removable with no tools for easy and unobstructed access to clean your windows.

    To a very large part our success is built upon our operational system WISE™ (Web Inspired Shutter Engineering), our online interactive shutter design and manufacturing platform. WISE™ will walk you through the design and ordering process showing you options and possibilities you may have never seen or considered before. You will not have to wonder how your plantation shutters will look in your home, as WISE™ will remove all engineering obstacles and illustrate your imagination in true scale with full colour animated 3D graphics.  

    We utilize Trupine® for all our wood based shutters, an exclusively grown renewable plantation timber composite that is cultivated and harvested like corn or wheat. It does not contribute to deforestation as there are more than 2 trees planted for every tree harvested. Trupine® is manufactured in solid billet sheets and engineered with ASR™ (Active Structural Reinforcement) technology incorporated to optimize tensile strength and stability for the demanding requirements of window millwork. Unlike other window treatments that are largely decorative only, our plantation shutters can provide energy savings and increase the value of your home. Our shutters are so energy efficient that their installation may qualify for energy conservation tax rebates. Also, unlike all other custom shutter finishes, our finish coatings are industrially engineered to block 100% of solar UltraViolet rays, ensuring you a lifetime of service and vibrant beauty.

We hope you enjoy the experience of our design tools, products and services. Please help us improve by giving us feedback!



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